Brush Mowing

Get the brush and blackberry bushes removed around your home and/or property with Sound Stump Removal in Snohomish, WA. Call (425) 280-4400 today.

Brush & blackberry mowing

Sound Stump Removal specializes in the mowing of Brush and Blackberry Bushes, we understand the last thing you want is to have damage or have your property shrink as this fast-growing species tries to take over. That is why we provide professional brush and blackberry mowing for Snohomish and King Counties serving cities like Everett, Monroe, and Bothell, WA. Our team has state-of-the-art removing machines to remove any size overgrowth quickly and effectively. Our Fail Mower Machinery will do in hours what it can take weeks to do by hand.

We recommend the mowing of brush and blackberry bushes for the following reasons:

  1. Reclaim property from the overgrowth of blackberries & brush
  2. Keep Pest Control in Check by Removing places they nest and den
  3. Remove and Mow Down Invasive Species of Plant
  4. Stop Damage to Fences and Create Fence line cutouts
  5. Create safe Trails, Roads and pathways
  6. Clear out Parking and Building Lots - Prep and Leveling for Construction

Our licensed and experienced team does a thorough job of ensuring your business facility and property are safe.

Call (425) 280-4400 to schedule an appointment with us.

We specialize in:

  • Blackberry Mowing & Clearing
  • Brush Mowing
  • Bush Overgrowth

Service reviews

Our commitmet to your satisfaction shows itself in our reviews. We average five stars across all review sites such as Google, Yelp and Angi.

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A good value for money amongst the 12 contractors who reached out to me for the work in Lynnwood WA area. Did the job within 2 days and were prompt at pre inspection and on the scheduled day. Since they are busy all day response might be delayed until end of day. But rest assured they are professional and helpful. With minimal guidance they can do the job. A lot of contractors noted it would be tough for their stump grinder to come uphill to my backyard but not for them. They leave the stump grinding mulch on property to be used in garden but clean up all the remaining area very well. See pic for before and after trimming 45 feet cottonwood

Puraskar Ingale
Lynnwood, WA
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They did excellent work, great people, would recommend them to everyone. Thanks Chris O.

Snohomish County
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Brian will get the job done.. not just done, but done right. No stress at all.

Eunice and Brendan Gan
Snohomish County
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Brian and his associate were not only totally professional but absolutely excellent in removing 5 large rhododendron stumps and one large tree stump. The maneuverability and preciceness of the operation was phenomenal. I couldn't recommend anyone more than Sound Stump Removal. You won't be disappointed.

Terry Tuttle
Snohomish County
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I highly recommend Sound Stump Removal. 5 Stars, 2 Thumbs up & A plus.

Frank D.
Snohomish, WA
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Excellent and expediate stump removal. Sent Brian the photos of the size of the stump and the path his grinder had to take in my yard. I came home from work the following day and the stump was ground and mixed in with the soil. Thanks, Brian

Richard D.
Lake Stevens, WA
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The process from contacting, quoting, scheduling and work performed was seamless. Fair price, next day service, on time arrival and friendly interaction made it a very pleasant experience.

Philip Harvey
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Highly impressed with Sound Stump Removal! I quickly received a call back for a quote on removing a stump in my gravel driveway. The quote was significantly less than others I received and they were able to remove it within a few days (as opposed to weeks). On the day of, the crew who arrived early and was courteous, professional, and quick. They even set up screens to protect nearby cars from possible debris. The final bill matched what was quoted. I will recommend these guys to all my friends and family! Thanks for the A+ service.

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Arrived on time and went right to work. Stump was in a tight area but they were careful and didn't damage shrubs around it. Cut it into manageable chunks and filled my yard waste bin. More work than I expected but they did it in less than an hour. Reasonable price. I'd call them back anytime.

Dee Stefan
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The staff showed up on time, did the job as quoted in a timely and professionally manner! Thank you!

Eugen Nemes
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They were quick and removed the stump with nothing left and offered to come back if we find additional roots once we start landscaping.

Margaret Langsted
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Friendly, quick response, knowledgeable. I highly recommend.

Judith K.
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Extremely fast response time and very pleasant people to work with. They get the job done with expertise at a fair price.

Tygyr L.
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They were great! Answered my request right away, came promptly, did the job quickly and were very professional and efficient. Would definitely hire again! All other places took hours to even call back. These guys are awesome.

Julie C.
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Knowledgeable and courteous. Very vague about when they might be able to come by to see my stump so it took a week to actually connect, but they did as good a job as could be done in tight quarters and up stairs. Top 10 of stump pulverized, this is so I can replant my garden beds this afternoon. Very appreciative of their service!

Linda C.
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Fast, affordable and fair. Brian responded within minutes and was on site the next day.

Joshua C.
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We called, they came the next day, and got right to work. They took great care in protecting the surrounding area with shields. I'm sure we'll need their services in future and will not hesitate to call again since they did such a fantastic job.

Dan H.
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They came, they saw, they removed the stump. They'd just had a cancellation so they were able to get mine done the same day. Great service!

Tara M.
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They were competitive in price and did a great job. Will use them again!

Scott S.
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They showed up early and made it very easy to come to a understanding on work to be accomplished and they applied themselves very professionally and worked safely. Give them a chance with your projects.

Jim W.
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We were amazed how quickly they responded. They showed up on time, and got our job done the morning after we called. I was at work while the job was being done, and was very pleased how things looked, when I got home.

Dana A.
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We had 18 feet of laurel bushes that we needed removed. With the help of a neighbor I chopped them down to stump level, and then talked to Brian. I sent him photos and gave him the specs, he gave me a bid over the phone, and his team, led by his wife, showed up the next day and did a great job of grinding down stumps and roots and getting it all out. There were some other plants we wanted to keep and they did a great job of working around them without damaging them. Couldn't have asked for more. Brian offered a good and fair price without trying to upsell us--in our case $425 vs someone else's initial bid of $1,000. He responded quickly and promptly by phone. I'm going to recommend him to all our neighbors on the block.

Paul L.
Seattle, WA
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The staff showed up on time, did the job as quoted in a timely and professional manner. Thank you!

Eugene N.
Renton, WA
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We had a couple BIG stumps (like 4 feet across) we needed ground down, and several large rounds of wood that had been cut from them several years ago, laying around in our yard that we wanted moved closer to our fire pit area, on the other side of our yard... I got a fair bid from Brian, and his crew was out at our place on Camano Island, 4 days later... Everything was great when I got home from work, except some of the rounds were not exactly moved to the area we requested... Brian came out himself the next day, and made sure everything was moved to the correct location... We also had 9 or 10 much smaller stumps that I had just planned on cutting up and removing myself, that Brian offered to take care of for a super reasonable rate, since he was already on site... Heck yes, less work for me !!! Our next door neighbor came over at the spur of the moment, and asked him if he would be willing to grind down a stump in her back yard, since he was right there... He of course obliged her, and gave her a great rate as well... You just don't see great customer service like this anymore, sadly... I would highly recommend Brian and his company to anyone...

Jimmy W.
Camano, WA
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Very friendly and professional! Gave us a fair estimate on removing our two stumps we have been trying to get out for YEARS. He was able to come out the next day and take care of them for us, even in the pouring rain. Would recommended this company to anyone who needs trees or stumps removed!

Samantha Hogue
Snohomish, WA
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Kenny and crew were on time, friendly, helpful and did a great job removing one large stump and a few short trees. Appreciated the quick and responsive service - thank you.

Yaw Agyei
Snohomish, WA
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When I first called Sound Stump Removal, the owner answered right away. (Instead if the usual leave a message). I asked if the services we needed (blackberry removal, tree trimming, and bush trimming). He said yes, his company could do that. I asked when he could come for an estimate and he said “tomorrow”, which was a Saturday! I said great! Next day, he was there early! He gave us an estimate and we immediately asked when he could do the work. (Other companies were 6 weeks out to do the job). He asked if Monday was OK. (2days later!). We said absolutely! His crew showed up 15 minutes early. The work was done efficiently and professionally—way more than we could have hoped for. The price was about 1/3rd of the other estimates we got. We couldn’t have asked for a better price and quality of work. We’re now lining up some more projects for Sound Stump Removal to do. Awesome company!!!

Susan Davis
Snohomish, WA

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